Wednesday, February 21, 2007

comic drawrings

some concept character designs for the comic.. i think i'll go with something closer to the drawing in the middle... she's the main character, and she's sort of a cop. whether or not her being a 'cop' will come into the story of my comic strip is undecided. time to catch the bus!

Friday, February 9, 2007

costume design

this week was costume design. design clothing researched from real styles and dress up a character from Road to El Dorado! i researched thai traditional dress and did up Shell.. or whatever her name is.

Peter Chung Assignment

we had to design a character posed on a motorbike in peter chung's style. i really liked this assignment.. i don't know.. i think it's the weird lankiness of the characters he designs. and the poses are OUTRAGEOUS! i love it!

this is the original design i came up with.. a bald egyptian motorcycle dude.. but everyone kept talking about doing a really sexy girl and i decided to show everyone up.....

this is the girl i came up with, still keeping the middle eastern look-and put her in an overly sexy pose: