Thursday, February 14, 2008

the canopic4 : 1st color attempt

in ancient egypt, the canopic jars were used to store the organs during mummification. the intestines, stomach, liver and lungs were removed to prevent the mummy from getting putrified(grossest word ever). each jar represents one of horus's sons, and each son/jar holds a specific organ. and each of the sons/jars are protected by different goddesses.

from left to right it goes
Kebehsenuf:intestines Duamutef:stomach Imsety:liver Hapy:lungs

that's the serious side of these guys.. which will never come out again. can't you tell by their little smiles and blank eyes?

Saturday, February 9, 2008

:: anubis and mie ::

Anubis is... totally kick ass. He is the gatekeeper to the underworld and soooooon I'll post him in some sweet sauce poses.
Mie is Kemisi's chat. She isn't a regular housechat.